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Petition Reason

The author of this petition believes travellers flying from Adelaide with Singapore Airlines are being disadvantaged by not having a second daily flight to and from Singapore. Travellers from Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney have several daily flights that allow for shorter layovers and better connection times for onward flights to European destinations. An evening flight year-round would give Adelaide travellers the same opportunity. Also many travellers would prefer to fly with Singapore Airlines to European destinations rather with other airlines for several reasons: elite status with Singapore Airlines, Star Alliance Gold, transit within Changi Airport and of course the quality service of Singapore Airlines.

Petition Proposal

We propose Singapore Airlines expand the current four-days a week service SQ276/SQ277 currently only available in December and January to year-round with the possibility at a later date to upgrade frequency to daily flights.

We envisage an early departure time of 07:30 from Singapore suitable for arrival in late afternoon in Adelaide. The return flight from Adelaide to Singapore at a time suitable for arrival in Singapore in late evening (approximately 22:30) to allow enough transit time for flights departing Singapore to Europe and beyond, thus allowing travellers to minimise layover time at Changi Airport, Singapore, but having enough time for onward connecting flights.

Note: Singapore Airlines will continue SQ76/SQ277 as a thrice weekly service (Sunday, Wednesday and Friday) from 27 October, 2024. We hope this a start to a permanent second service. However if this petition is successful we would like to see double daily flights in future.

Petition Request

Therefore we respectfully ask Singapore Airlines to extend flights SQ276/SQ277 to year-round.

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