Petitions, Polls and Surveys

We are currently running a couple of petitions and a poll. To go to the petition interested click on the titles here below to go to the petition post, read and then sign. Same for the poll, click on the title to go to the poll post.

Aegean Airlines Petition
A while back I wrote an article on Aegean Airlines and the changes they were making to their frequent flyer programme Miles+Bonus, there I mentioned it would be great if Aegean added flights to Australia and North America. This petition asks Aegean to consider the Australian component of this request. Click on the heading to go to the petition page to read more and sign.

Singapore Airlines Petition
Singapore Airlines have been flying to Adelaide for many years, mostly with a single service leaving Adelaide in the morning and arriving at Changi, Singapore in the afternoon. Sporadically over the years there has been a second flight, mainly in December and January and mid year for the northern summer. This petition asks Singapore Arlines to make this second flight permanent year-round.

Qatar Airways Poll
This poll is aimed squarely at the current Federal Labor government and their policy of limiting the number of Qatar Airlines’ flights to Australia. We believe in a level playing field and would like to see all airlines flying to Australia given a fair share of the pie. Limiting competition harms the consumer. The main beneficiary QANTAS can stand on its own two legs and doesn’t need any more government intervention including taxpayer funded help to secure and run its business. QANTAS will survive if their service and prices are competitive.