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Routes: Adelaide-Singapore / Singapore-Adelaide

My first post in the Routes series and I’ll start it off with the international route I fly the most ADL-SIN/SIN-ADL, in other words, Adelaide International Airport (ADL) to Changi Airport Singapore (SIN) and back. Airlines At present only one airline offers this route in and out of Adelaide, Singapore Airlines. Singapore Airlines is part of the Star Alliance. In Australia Singapore Airlines codeshares with Virgin Australia. The Singapore Airlines flights are designated SQ278 (ADL-SIN) and SQ279 (SIN-ADL) and fly daily, all-year round. A second service runs only in December and January designated SQ276 (ADL-SIN) and SQ277 (SIN-ADL) and fly four times a week (Tue, Thu, Sat, and Sun). Schedule SQ278 Northern Summer: ADL 09:10 – SIN 15:10 Southern Summer: ADL 10:35 – SIN...

A Baby Named Jet Star

Baby born on plane named after the airline…could mean free flights for life or close to it. Timing the birth of babies can be most unexpected. An expectant mother delivered hers on a Jetstar Asia flight travelling from Singapore to Yangon, Myanmar. She went into labour moments after take-off and lucky for her, would you believe, there were three doctors from the one family on the flight. They helped the woman while the crew called for further medical assistance. Passengers on board clapped with joy welcoming the 2.9kg baby boy as the doctors assisted in the delivery. The mother overjoyed by the care she received from the airline then named her son “Saw Jet Star”. The airline has offered the family $AUD1000 worth of...

Sky High Fashion

Who has the best look in the sky among the cabin crews? Singapore Girl and the sarong kebaya any day, of course! The boys also deserve a mention smartly attired in their suits and ties according to rank. Malaysia Airlines isn’t too far off with their bright coloured sarong kebaya. Garuda Indonesia too uses a batik design. Also should mention Thai Airways. No sarong kebaya and batik, but great colourful uniforms. All round the Southeast Asian airlines get my tick of approval in the fashion stakes.

Emirates tattoo scores passenger upgrades

A badly dressed teacher has earned himself some perks thanks to the airline’s logo tattooed on one of his arms…Emirates Passenger Scores Free Upgrades If this guy wasn’t a true frequent flyer with status I doubt anyone high up in the airline would’ve given him upgrades. Anyhow, don’t you all go out and do the same as there’s no guarantee you’ll get anything but a few thumbs up from check-in and the FAs. Besides you may end up being stuck with something you may regret later or if you decide to tattoo all your favourite airlines down your arm!! So stick with earning frequent flyer points, status by being loyal, and of course, dressing well! Cheers