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Coral Princess Cruises rebrands

Cairns-based Coral Princess Cruises will rebrand as Coral Expeditions, reports Travel Weekly. Less confusion with cruise ship CORAL PRINCESS owned by Princess Cruises. That will certainly make them happy! Here’s their new logo… Cheers

Stress free family holiday? Go cruising!

There was a time when cruising was synonymous with elderly retired couples – But that’s not the case any more, says Travel Weekly. Cruising is a great way to have a family holiday. The unpacking once and getting down to relaxation is one of the best reasons for going on a cruise. Besides the food, entertainment and all the amenities of a luxury hotel, you get to see different ports and countries while you are at it. If you must fly long-haul to get to your cruise port I would suggest not taking toddlers. I don’t see the value of taking kids at that age. They won’t remember anything. Kindergarten age, 4-5 years up is fine. My choice of cruise line? Disney Cruises. They...

Watch your homonyms and homophones when travelling

Ended up in the wrong town, city or country? Did you check the name and spelling of the place where you were suppose to go to? Did you board the wrong flight? Well this can easily happen if you don’t research your travels as you should and check (possibly double check) your airticket/boarding pass. There have been many cases of travellers ending up at the wrong destination because placenames are either identical or sound the same but spelt differently. Sometimes at no fault of their own. Airlines and travel agents have also been known to make the mistake. In one case a couple ended up on the wrong continent over confusing airport codes. In other mix-ups people book same sounding place names like Guyana...