F**K Google, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter…

My first post in a very long time. Why no posts? I have had many opportunities to comment and give my opinion on many travel related subjects but what has stopped me was COVID-19. No, I didn’t get infected and ill. It was the whole situation of travel being turned upside down. It basically took the wind out of my sails. I could’ve posted many opinion pieces but the mood wasn’t there. 

So about the title and why am I writing this? I was compelled. I basically had enough and had to vent my displeasure. I’ve been so fed up hearing and seeing what Google, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, have been doing since the start of the COVID-19 (so called) pandemic. The bans, censorship and bullying. The loss of free speach.

Actually all this started way earlier when Donald J. Trump began campaigning for the US presidency. So, I’m not making any political statements or conspiracy theories here. All I want to say is that no social media company, private business or government should be allowed to stifle free speech.

The social media companies, the so called fact checkers and guardians of the truth, are as authoritarian as any of the worst tyrants in history. As a result I will not be posting, commenting, linking or recommending these platforms on my site. Not now or in the future. They can all go F**K themselves!

Update: In light of Elon Musk acquiring majority holding in Twitter and in what we hope is the return to a neutral position in reporting and free speach, I will be endorsing this platform. I hope the other social media platforms will follow suit and change the way they filter content.

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  1. Don Poustis says:

    One can’t help but comprehend your anger and the use of profanity in your post.
    The constant double standards that we are witnessing in Australia when it comes to Covid-19 measures & restrictions are truly idiotic & shambolic to say the least. States shutting up shop over a few “ cases “ and other states where hardly any “ cases “ have been reported & the authorities implement “ precautionary “ measures like mandating face tampons just about everywhere is comedy hour antics. Then we have people with health issues exempting them from mask usage being bullied, accosted and in some cases physically assaulted by the police for “ noncompliance “, despite being happy to show their exemption when asked to do so even though legally they don’t.
    The world truly is going mad in their quest to make sure we get that needle into our arms which they keep evangelising to us that it is the only way out of the “ pandemic “ and back to a “ covid normal world “.

    • Carlo Irlitti says:

      Thanks for your comment Don. The truth is not told. The mainstream media and the social media basically parrot propaganda. No one questions or investigates. There’s only one opinion which is forced on everyone. This is also echoed in the treatment of people as you justly say in your post. Although our comments aren’t about travel if you don’t have total freedom of movement there’s no travel. Regardless if you are vaccinated or not. Tests need to be taken before and after and certificates or passports need to be sighted. This is control. A word to those who are vaccinated don’t believe you are free. You are carriers of the virus because you’ll be shedding. You’ll also with time lose your immunity and will have to get vaccinated year after year. You’ve basically kissed your freedom away. If the truth was told you could’ve taken other medications that worked or waited for a better more conventional vaccination that would not have been experimental using a tried and tested technology. This is how social media screws things up. Remember they are not an authority. They are self serving tyrannical leeches.

  2. Marilyn Washburn says:

    I couldn’t agree more! I support your exact sentiments!

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