Star Alliance Gold Status by Credit Card

With the launching last week of the HSBC Star Alliance credit card in Australia travellers now wanting gold status with a select group of Star Alliance airlines has become easier, well at least they have been given the option of spending their way to Star Alliance Gold, which for many may be the best or only way they’ll achieve this status.

This is the first credit card of this kind awarding status with one of the airline alliances. It also seems Australia is the only country so far where this card has been issued, perhaps being used as a testing ground for future releases elsewhere.

Is this just another card to add to your wallet and another dent in your credit rating? Now the question beckons, is this card worth it?

I personally think it is best to actually earn the status by doing the miles or earning points. That way it feels like you’ve earned it. By spend, it’s OK if you can manage to achieve it. Not everyone will be able to spend so much on one credit card over a twelve month period. If the spend was between $AUD10,000 and $AUD20,000 it would be more realistic for many. Some have various award cards and prefer to spend across them to earn those rewards.

HSBC are taking a punt here whether it will have success or not. I don’t have access to any data to back up what I’m about to say, but I think over the next twelve months this card will do well, especially in the first year of sign up, beyond that we’ll have to see how many can keep up with the $60,000 annual spend and the $450 annual fee to retain Gold. Until then we won’t know.

Head to HSBC Star Alliance Credit Card for the fine print and the sign up.

Update: In April 2023 the HSBC Star Alliance Credit Card won the Canstar Innovation Excellence Award. Judges at Canstar assessed the card as a unique offering with a significant ‘wow’ factor.

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