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Petition Reason

The author of this petition believes Australian travellers should be able to fly with Aegean Airlines from Australia or the very least from Singapore. Especially those of Greek ancestry, who would be proud to fly with Aegean Airlines, the “national” airline of Greece. Having spoken to Greek Australians I believe there is a pent up demand for a service to and from Greece. Many travellers would prefer to fly with Aegean Airlines rather than another airline to Athens or another European destination and then onto Athens or to other Greek destinations.

Petition Proposal

We propose Aegean Airlines provide a service to Australia via Singapore. We understand this may take time to implement logistically and physically. We also understand that a direct service to an Australian destination (Melbourne or Sydney) may not be feasible this is why we ask Aegean Airlines to consider a route to Singapore from Athens and work with partner and Star Alliance member Singapore Airlines to funnel Australian passengers from all its Australian ports of call to Singapore.

We believe an initial service of at least three-days a week to be sufficient with an outlook to extend to daily flights at a departure time from Singapore suitable for arrival on the same day around daybreak in Athens. The return flights from Athens to Singapore at a time suitable for arrival in Singapore in early evening to allow enough transit time for late evening flights departing Singapore to Australian destinations, thus allowing Aegean Airlines to minimise layover time at Changi Airport, Singapore.

Petition Request

Therefore we respectfully ask Aegean Airlines to provide a service to and from Singapore, work out a partnership and codeshare agreement with Singapore Airlines and implement this service in due course.

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  1. 11th October 2023

    […] Aegean Airlines Petition A while back I wrote an article on Aegean Airlines and the changes they were making to their frequent flyer programme Miles+Bonus, there I mentioned it would be great if Aegean added flights to Australia and North America. This petition asks Aegean to consider the Australian component of this request. Click on the heading to go to the petition page to read more and sign. […]