Snippet: Should You Dress Up or Down on Your Next Flight?

Recently there was an article about dressing up while flying and explaining why it was good to do so. The writer started the piece by describing how air travel used to be glamorous and goes on with the example of old films where you’d see passengers handed a cocktail seemingly enjoying themselves while in photos movie stars striding off the plane with their small, classy luggage. They had a good thing he says.

I agree, in those days only the ones that could afford to fly would dress up, like movie stars and the well heeled. Glamorous for sure. How else would they be able to fly? I doubt they wouldn’t have it any other way.

He goes on to say since the demise of the Concorde those days are gone. Very true. I say there are still many First and Business Class travellers that continue to carry the torch, it’s just that in Economy Class it isn’t quite the same. Much harder to look the part there. Of course this doesn’t mean someone can’t make an effort to dress their best. Impressions are important to some he adds.

Travelling aboard planes is not a fashion contest, but that little step to look decent is surely a good thing.

As the writer says…

It brings dignity to travel.

If the passenger prefers to keep their best locked up in their luggage, dress for comfort but at the same time do it with some style. This means quality leisure or adventure wear. Absolutely no gym wear, sweatshirts, tank tops, skimpy shorts, leggings, body suits or two piece lycra outfits. Comfortable casual layered clothes is best. Preferably not too loose but enough not to restrict movement while sitting. Tight tops and jeans are definitely out and better worn at destination.

If you are flying to Bali or places similar in climate – hot and humid – it is understandable many would want to dress for the destination before departure. This is not always a good idea. The cabin is much colder and keeping relatively warm is important. Wearing layered clothes is a suggestion. Avoid trying to change onboard in the lavatory. Too tight and messy. Better in a washroom at destination. I’ve done this when arriving at Changi Airport in Singapore where it is hot and humid. I’ve used the disable toilets (for the handicapped) *. They are much roomier and there is a spot to put your carry-on so it’s not on the floor. Of course it’s not that you have to change there, one can wait until the hotel, etc., to change and spruce up.

Should we all dress better and perhaps raise the standard? Or is it best we all go our own way and dress as we please, like we do at home?

* I always make sure there are no disable people around before doing this. After all these toilets are specifically for them and they should never be abused.

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