Passengers Fleeing Burning Plane Cop Flack

And so they should…if they take their carry-ons with them!

I understand people are too attached to their belongings but in an emergency situation when life – yours and others – is in serious danger the priority is to get to safety as quickly as possible. Carry-on bags should be your last thought.

If you really need to take something with you, I’d suggest a bum bag (or as the Americans call it a fanny pack). This is perfect to store smartphone, passport, medications and some cash (but not required if you have credit/debit/travel cards).

You should also have PDF copies of important documents on your smartphone. I make copies of all documents including tickets, reservations, insurance, etc. A bag as such is small and light and easily carried in front of you when sliding down the chute. Which you should do with your arms crossed. No damage to the chute itself and to any passenger you might inadvertently collide with at the bottom of the chute. Of course, let’s hope situations of this kind never happen to anyone.

Comments here are referred to the incident that occurred at McCarran International Airport Las Vegas (LAS) on 8 September 2015, where a British Airways Boeing 777’s engine caught fire before take off. See story reported by CBS News: Plane catches fire on Las Vegas runway

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